Декабрь 07.12.2018

Online Brochure

Our new brochure is now available online. Have fun reading!

Март 02.03.2018


BREAKING NEWS - The SlideWheel, the world´s first rotating and pendulating water slide - made by wiegand.maelzer from germany - conquers the world! By now there are already 4 SlideWheels sold around the world! And this is just the beginning!

Декабрь 20.12.2017

Merry Christmas and happy new year

The wiegand.maelzer team wishes you a nice holiday and a happy new year. We thank you for your trust and look forward to working with you to create exciting attractions in 2018! Please note that our office is closed from December 23th to January 7th. You can reach us again on January 8th 2018. Your wiegand.maelzer team

Ноябрь 17.11.2017

IAAPA Orlando

Thanks for your visit at IAAPA Orlando!

Сентябрь 22.09.2017

EAS 2017 Berlin

Meet us at EAS! Learn more about our virtual reality waterslide, the amazing Slidewheel, news and products at EAS Berlin, September 26-28, Hall 18 Booth 18-120. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Март 24.03.2017


Diving into the digital world with our latest innovation, the Virtual Reality Waterslide!

Март 01.03.2017

Slidewheel 360° Video

Finally! A 360° Video of our Slidewheel. Check it out!

Февраль 22.02.2017

The new Säntis-Park movie 2017

The new wiegand.malezer Säntispark Movie is celebrating its world premiere! We hope you enjoy viewing!

Февраль 20.02.2017

China´s HotGo Waterpark with 7 brandnew attractions

Декабрь 19.12.2016

The new Säntis Park in St.Gallen (Switzerland)

Since 13.11.2016 thrill-seekers and families can live it up at Säntispark with 8 waterslides from wiegand.maelzer: Family Twister 175,0m, incl. acrylic sections . RR1400 Raftracer 123,0m . RR900 Superloop 71,3 m incl. UDrop . RR1200 Black Hole 128,4 m . Boomerang 127,0 m with interactive light effects . RR1400 incl. Uphill 155,40m . RR1200 incl. Cone + Bowl 94,0 m. This is the first Bowl worldwide with acrylic side sections!

Декабрь 05.12.2016

The new cruise ship Genting Dream with 6 waterslides

Сентябрь 23.09.2016

Top 10 waterparks in Europe

Did you know? wiegand.maelzer is proud to announce that our partners – Nettebad Osnabrück, Aquapalace Prague, Tropical Islands Krausnick as well as Therme Erding – are ranked among top 10 waterparks in Europe and the Middle East by Themed Entertainment Associations Global Attendance Report 2015. Therme Erding, Tropical Islands and Aquapalace even made it to the top 20 waterpark destinations worldwide! Additionally, we feel that Therme Bukarest will be a good candidate for next year`s Ranking. Opened in the beginning of 2016, it already received the highest grade from Tubrides, trusted European waterslide testers!

Сентябрь 21.09.2016

EAS Barcelona 2016

Meet us at EAS (Euro Attractions Show) Barcelona - Booth 314 - 20th to 22th september 2016!

Сентябрь 19.09.2016

Waterslide Trends

Interessantes Interview von Rainer Maelzer, Co-Geschäftsführer der wiegand.maelzer Gmbh über die Wasserrutschen-Trends der Zukunft!

Июнь 17.06.2016

Water slides on the Liberty of the Seas

Early in 2016 Royal Caribbean Cruises sent Liberty of the Seas to the dry dock in Freeport, Bahamas, where this vessel received a major facelift. Besides new attractions, such as a climbing wall, a surf simulator and a zipline, three large waterslides of wiegand.maelzer were installed in only one month! In addition to the Typhoon and Cyclone slides, our company is proud to have delivered the Tidal Wave, first of its kind ever built on a cruise ship! Altogether, they form “The Perfect Storm”: what a great name for these amazing water attractions!

Июнь 16.06.2016

Yet another great success in Shanghai

IAAPA Show in Shanghai was a yet another great success for the strong Chinese and German team of wiegand.maelzer. Our company could not be more proud to present its extraordinary model of the HotGo waterpark.

Июнь 14.06.2016

Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China

Visit us at the IAAPA Asian Attractions EXPO in Shanghai at the booth Nr. 1773. We look forward to seeing you!

Июнь 10.06.2016

The world’s first and only dry slide on Harmony of the Seas

The world’s first and longest dry event slide on a cruise ship – the Ultimate Abyss – was produced by wiegand.maelzer from Starnberg, Germany. Having the length of 72 meters each, two pink tubes from stainless steel with integrated sound effects start on a vitreous platform located 47 meters above the sea level. Used with special sliding mats, this attraction guarantees unparalleled experience to all the courageous passengers of Harmony of the Seas.  

Апрель 21.04.2016

Report about the water slides construction work Säntispark - Switzerland

Апрель 14.04.2016

wiegand.maelzer water slides now on Instagram

Visit the wiegand.maelzer gmbH on Instagram!

Март 02.03.2016

Tropical Island Stainless Steel Waterslides Virtual Tour

Tropical Island EN visit our water slides in Tropical Island

Февраль 08.02.2016

Waterwavesland Indoor Waterpark

Mashhad – the second largest city in Iran – is not only known as a place of pilgrimage, but also offers the water park “WaterWavesLand”, one of the largest indoor waterparks. To make visitors’ hearts beat even faster in future, wiegand. maelzer is now adding two more slides to the park: one is the Family Twister with a length of unbelievable 229 metres, a total of four uphill sections and a special multimedia element. In addition, the park will be made even more attractive to visitors with the Freefall slide, which is particularly steep with a 60° gradient at a length of 22 metres.

Январь 18.01.2016

Therme Bucuresti

Through faraway galaxies in Bucharest - north of the Romanian capital of Bucharest, the largest and most modern spa in the country has opened on the 14th of january 2016 Apart from the spa area, “Therme Bucuresti” offers a very special indoor building which has a connection to the outdoor area. In total, there are 16 slides from wiegand.maelzer, which are causing a stir. Everything revolves around the topic ‘universe’: the guests virtually slide through galaxies – in the Boomerang, for example, you experience the limits of zero gravity on your own body. Each target group benefits from an individually composed slide mixture of FRP and stainless steel: Apart from nine family slides and challenging slides such as the Family Twister with two uphill segments, the Wild River and the speed slide, there are seven children’s slides for the very little ones. Details

Декабрь 01.12.2015

Wiegand.maelzer wins major project in switzerland

For many, Säntispark near St. Gallen is a perfect destination place because this largest water park in East Switzerland offers a very special bathing and sauna experience with fitness and health elements. Now, an impressive new complex has been added to the leisure paradise, with a total of eight large slides: wiegand.maelzer was able to impress the client Migros Ostschweiz with its compact and elaborate slide layout that takes into account all of the customer’s requirements. The slides are now specially equipped with transparent Plexiglas elements, light & sound fittings, up-hill sections, landing basins made of stainless steel, sandwich insulation in the outside area and a vertical tyre lift. Apart from the five Family Twister tyre slides, two Racers, one Boomerang made of stainless steel and a tube slide RR 1400 with a 12.8 metre up-hill section, Säntispark also offers three special body slides: a tube slide RR1200 with special effects, a slide with a cone & bowl combination and, for the brave, a nose-dive into the Sloop highspeed slide.

Ноябрь 11.11.2015


The park that only opened its doors in 2014 was transformed across an area of about 1,500m² in the course of four months and extended by a total of 105 water play elements. The fascinating diversity of the play opportunities, the elements of which include LED providing illumination at twilight, allows the park to be a magnet for children and adults. Besides the extensive scope of the delivery, another challenge was the installation of the objects in a short time frame. Owing to perfect collaboration with the client, the water playground could even be handed over before the negotiated deadline.

Ноябрь 09.11.2015


The "SlideWheel" is the development of the decade: never before has there been such a spectacular waterslide which, as it turns, requires completely new motion sequences from the sliders and provides maximum fun. Due to the elaborate star design, the SlideWheel is not just an "iconic ride", but also combines the craziest sliding experiences: from extreme G-force, backwards sliding, pendulum movements right up to airtime fun.

Октябрь 13.10.2015


Over the last few years, Belorussian aerial freestyle skiers have won a number of medals at world championships and Olympic Games. In order to honour these victories, a one-of-a-kind freestyle centre was created, offering an unparalleled combination of sports and recreation. wiegand.maelzer was selected to supply seven water attractions of different complexity levels as well as a water playground for kids. It was wiegand.maelzer's second project in the Republic of Belarus after Waterpark Lebyazhy, which, as of today, is amongst the largest waterparks in Europe. Opened in March 2015, the Freestyle Centre gives its visitors a unique opportunity to watch Belorussian and foreign aerial freestyle skiers training on a huge ski-jump. At the same time, they can enjoy three stainless steel body slides, one body and one raft slide made of FRP, the Body Bowl from FRP and the Cannonball providing visitors with the unrivalled pleasure of an approx. 8m throw into the pool. The multilevel play-structure is made of stainless steel with pumping buckets, climbing elements and small slides. Even the smallest visitors can delight in a water play area with several engaging elements and two pools specially designed for kids.

Сентябрь 09.09.2015


Each region has its specific requirements for the design of a water park. However, the slides are at the heart of the experience, always being the central element for the emotionalisation of visitors. In Asia, it is not only since the successful Ninja Warrior TV shows that courage and skill must be shown in very special challenges. In the Blue One Waterpark in South Korea, it is two Cannonballs with different flight distances from wiegand.maelzer that provide a real spectacle: the guests are catapulted like a cannon ball over a distance of up to 10 metres into the pool. The park ordered one Cannonball for children weighing more than 30 kg and a further one for guests weighing more than 50 kg.

Август 06.08.2015


The preparation for the competition has started, the adrenalin is pumping - and the most important question is: who will be the champion defeating friends and family in the stainless steel Galaxy Racer with parallel start and home stretch? They compete side by side and they all just want one thing: victory! There are up to 4 racers aged 7 years and older who compete against each other on special mats and can plunge into almost 100 meters of pure sliding fun. And no matter who is the first to finish, at the end of the spectacular mat slide there is always the call: "Rematch!"

In August 2015, after four months of construction, wiegand.maelzer added the Galaxy Racer to the Badeparadies Schwarzwald. A particular highlight is that the Racer can be covered on cold days. Therefore, after completion, the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD will be one of the largest and most variegated indoor sliding facilities in Europe, showing at the same time why "Made in Germany" also has an excellent standing for water parks. The Racer is made of high quality V4A stainless steel and has a maintenance-free joint that is not visible.